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Concord Sunchih Premium 60caps (Stronger & Therapeutic Supplement) + free tea bag

Concord Sunchih Premium 60caps (Stronger & Therapeutic Supplement) + free tea bag







88% Ganoderma spore 264mg + Ganoderma extract 60mg+  Cordyceps 30mg

60 capsules

Concord Sunchih Premium is more effective and stronger than Concord Sunchih. Integrating the essence of the goodness of 88% Ganoderma spores, Ganoderma Lucidum extract 10:1, and Cordyceps Sinensis. This is one of the most extraordinary health food products you can find in the world. Its miraculous effects are attributable to its distinctive constituents.


Cordyceps, like Lingzhi, is very rare and hard to find. It too is a precious medicinal herb. Cordyceps' special pattern and cycle of growth produces unique medicinal ingredients called Cordyceps polysaccharides and Mannitol.


“These ingredients, when working in synergy with Lingzhi, can double the efficacy of each.”



• Promotes stamina and endurance.
• Supports and enhances the immune system.
• Antioxidant.
• Relief of the symptoms of allergies.
• Relief of sleeplessness.
• Liver tonic.
• Temporary relief of coughs.
• Supports the liver and kidneys.
• Aids in the improvement of general wellbeing.
• In healthy individuals helps support and maintain - a healthy immune system, and a healthy respiratory system.


Take 3 capsules twice a day or take 3 capsules three times a day.



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##136 88% Ganoderma spore + Ganoderma extract + Cordycep
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