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Concord Bio-PSP 60capsules (Free Sunchih Green Tea Bag)

Concord Bio-PSP 60capsules (Free Sunchih Green Tea Bag)

What is Trametes Versicolor (PSK/PSP)?

Trametes Versicolor (formerly known as Coriolus Versicolor) is sometimes called 'Turkey Tail'. It is known as Yunzhi in China and Kawaratake in Japan. This mushroom has long been prescribed by Traditional Chinese Medicine healers for its excellent properties in strengthening the immune system.


Modern clinical usage in Japan and in research for Polysaccharide-peptide (over 400 published studies) suggest that it stimulates immune function, promotes stamina and antioxidant activities, supports the liver, and has no contra-reaction with drugs when used with western medications. 



    • Provides natural immune system support.
    • Formulated to support the liver metabolism and acts as a liver tonic.
    • Enhances antioxidant activities.
    • Helps maintain stamina and endurance levels naturally.
    • Aids in the improvement and maintenance of general well-being.



    • Trametes versicolor (10:1) equivalent to 2.5 g and
    • Ganoderma lucidum mushroom spore powder 50 mg



For therapeutic supplement, 3 capsules three times a day.

For health maintenance, 1 capsule twice a day.



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709 Liver Tonic + Boost Immunity
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